Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Artsy Wednesday T.5

Interview Paddy
Fieve.blogspot is such a lovely and colourful blog and the woman behind it is the creative lady Paddy. We love your interview!!

Thank you again!

Name: Paddy
Age: 32
Occupation:  Nurse
Country: The Netherlands

1. Tell us why, how and when you started crafting?
I started crafting when I was pregnant. The nursery had the be nice. I saw lovely blankets but so (ridiculously) expensive! I thought I would be able to make this myself. Bibs, sheets, playpen blanket, pillows and so much more. When our daughter was born it just became worse. When she slept, mummy would sew. Baby shoes, baby cloths, and a lot more bibs! I never had sewing lessons.  It’s already 4.5 years ago but you can still find me behind my sewing machine every week!   

2. Why do you love crafting?
I enjoy it and it’s so special to make handmade and unique stuff and off course to give handmade presents. It’s so much fun to surprise someone. When I try something new and it works (yes, in my enthusiasm and due to lack of time I sometimes read to fast or don’t think about it properly) gives me energy and stimulants to craft something new.
For me it’s pure relaxation and I am not the type that likes to sit in front of the telly (a lot of people ask me where I find the time to craft) and therefore craft a lot in the evening when I don’t have to work.

3. What is your favourite type of craft?


4. What is the most pretty thing you have made?

I have no idea. After I finish a sewing project I start smiling and feel very proud.

5. Tell us what makes your crafts special?

My creations have a lot of bright colours, (I love red and white polka) dots, flowers, hearts etc. My creations make people cheerful.  I also work a  lot with Photoshop! I just LOVE…COLOUR! (especially red!!)


6. What do you use for inspiration?

My own inspiration (scrap) books. Every time I browse through these books I get new ideas and write these in a notebook. But I also get a lot of inspiration out of stores and off course internet!

7. Would you like to show us were you do your craft magic?

My favourite sewing corner.

8. Would you like to share/include a fun craft tutorial with us?
This is such a sweet and lovely but most of all easy craft and tutorial!


·         Buy a rug or a doily (in a thriftshop) or crouchet it yourself.
·         Dissolve sugar with warm water (1/3 water 2/3 sugar)
·         Let it cool off a little and soak your cloth
·         Wring out the cloth and mold them in a muffin dish, cup or bowl so it gets the shape you like.
·         I left the cloth bowls dry for two days.
·         Done.
You can also use fabric or netting.
Good luck!
9. What sort of crafting would you still love to try out?

I love everything. I would like to learn to crochet better, knit, making soap, making beads. I love crafting!!!!     

10. Have you got any advice for those who would love to start crafting?
Make something you like and enjoy it. You can get so much inspiration tips and tutorials from the internet. And it is even more fun ( and addictive) with a weblog. Lovely contacts, compliments, surprises, I can really recommend this!


  1. Goodmorning-I love Paddy. I met her at a RRN-meeting and we had a click. And now we mail very often and sent eachother presents. She makes me happy with all her pretty sewings and she's a lovely person too. I hope to have contact with her for a long long time. Next month we're goning on a trip together. Wishing you the best with you're blog. Greetings with heart&soul from Sil.

  2. Ah that is so sweet! Paddy must be very happy with such a good friend! Have a lovely time on your trip together!
    Thank you for the wishes!

    Sweet greetings,
    Rory and Sadie x

  3. Oh again somebody I follow. She is definitely very inspiring to me! I love her colourful creations and it's nice to read an interview about her and to have another kind of peek into her life. I will definitely use the tutorial, great :D Again something I can use for my 365 days creative project ;). Thank you so much for sharing! Creative greets from Susan

  4. She is very inspiring to us also!
    Good luck with the 365 days of crafting!!


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