Something Old, make it New!

Rory and Sadie LOVE thrifting!

There are many reasons why people love thrifting:

·      Thrifting is a Green practice involving the reuse, recycle, or re-style of a product and allows that product a longer life in its use thus diverting the product from a landfill.
·      More often than not, thrifting supports charity.
·      By definition of the noun, thrift, thrifting is a frugal practice that can bring significant savings to the thrifter.
·      Thrifting diverts mass market spending into a market of one-of-a-kinds and originals. 
·      Socially speaking, thrifting is a lesson in the treasures a culture tosses and the junk people keep.  Thrifting provides cheap, local access to a variety of styles from many eras and trends related to alternative dress styles that are not widely available in certain areas or are only found at more expensive specialty shops
-Source Wikipedia

And all of these reasons Rory and Sadie share!

But at Something Old, make it New! we transform our thrifting beauties in real gems. If you love make-overs please head over to the Something Old, make it New labels!

Rory and Sadie xx

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