Monday, March 12, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Fun! I found this blog today! And every Monday she posts about a lovely little corner in her house.
She has a lovely list of followers, you can find on her blog, that also started a Monday: Home Sweet Home post. And so will I (we).
We moved to this house in December 2008.
Three years later and we are still changing, improving, and adding furniture to our little home. People make fun of us and ask, as soon as we let them in our house, what we changed this time. And I am a little to blame for that as I do tend to change my mind a lot. But our livingroom has now reached a point where we both feel happy with the look and the feel of it.  It just needs a few final touches but we are as good as done….for now.
I love our quircky cornors, our paintings, our handmade creations, the vintage ornaments……….
For my first Home Sweet Home I would love to show you my favorite features in our livingroom.
Our invisible bookcase Husband made

Wall of flowers
Our (stuffed with books) fireplace

Sadie x

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  1. Ik heb jullie erbij gezet in de deelnemerslijst voor Home sweet home. Leuk dat jullie meedoen!

    Home sweet home X


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