Monday, March 5, 2012

Wedding Invite

I really wish I could get married again. It was such a magical day. Exhausting I can remember, but so very lovely!
I can’t wait to be married, 12.5 years….as we will renew our wedding vowels! Anything to organize a day as wonderful as our wedding day!
This year I have four weddings to attend! So exciting!
I am organizing two hen parties, and one of them Rory’s hen party! She asked me to help with the wedding as a “ceremoniemeester” (wedding planner) So I will be the director on her special day making sure everything goes smoothly! As she was my wedding planner, and she did a terrific job, I am planning to do exactly the same. And on top of that I am making her a green/emerald vintage wedding button bouquet! I can’t wait to show you!
I was also asked to be maid of honour twice at two other weddings and a guest at another. So this year will be the year about celebrating LOVE!
Rory made her lovely green wedding invites together with her hubby. Just like we did back in 2009.
Husband designed our own wedding symbol which I still absolutely adore!!
It’s a pretty flower, with our initials as leaves. Gorgeous!
As we can’t show Rory’s invite just yet I will show your ours. It’s such an easy lovely way to personalize your wedding and set a tone.

(yes, I did edit the names)
Sadie x

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