Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Lunch

Yesterday we had a blast with the children and made a delicious Easter lunch.
We already made creative Easter baskets for the children to take home but we wanted something relatively easy for the children to make to decorate the Easter lunch table. 
So we found some Easter basket drawings at a supermarket and when all the children arrived we started with this project. Even we pitched in and drew our own Easter basket. Drawing is very therapeutic we reckon. It’s a shame most of us stop drawing when we grow up.

After this relaxing hour of drawing, cutting and gluing we and the children enjoyed the sun outside while some of the children helped one of the teachers setting the table inside for lunch. The children also helped making sausage rolls. We just used cocktail sausages and puff pastry sheets which our little helpers folded and then baked in the oven and also speared cheese, sausage and veggies on to a skewer for a healthy and yummy treat.

But before we sat down to enjoy our lunch we all painted our cooked eggs in lovely shades and colours.  

Now we were ready to sit down and eat all the lovely things we had made together. We also had buns and chicken filet, cheese and lettuce and our regular spreads.

The day became even better when the Easter Bunny arrived and hid chocolate eggs outside and the children were allowed to find them after lunch.

To top this day we painted the children’s faces so they looked like Easter Bunnies themselves and we hopped and skipped the rest of the day, away......
                      -Due to portrait rights I don’t take photos of the faces of the children-  
Love Sadie x

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