Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Home Sweet Home

I hope my Home Sweet Home is still lovely on this Tuesday morning. I just did not make my Monday post.
Yesterday was a long and hectic day. We both were so extremely tired that we, after two hours of coming home, went straight into bed,  to sleep!
So with that in mind I thought it was appropriate to show you some corners of the bedroom. This time my side of the bed.
My jewelry Box

My night stand with a lovely old mirror I found in an attic in Denmark

My favourite Children's Book, The secret Garden (Rory gave me this Book for my Birthday) and my weddingcake topper I adore! (My brother in Law gave us the topper for Christmas)

Can you spot my Iphone?

This Ikea Lamp makes the most pretty shadows! 
Sadie x


  1. that idea lamp is so beautiful ! maybe i have to buy it for me too !

  2. Wat een gezellig kiekjes! Enne...ik zie je iphone nergens hoor ;))

    Home sweet home X

  3. Kleine hint voor wat betreft de iphone: Hij is roze :)


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