Thursday, May 3, 2012

Money Tree

Don’t you LOVE giving gifts! Well I do……if I have time to think and plot about it. But making a DIY gift a day before the big day always makes me a little stressed.
It’s just that I would like the gift to represent how much the person getting the gift means to me. The thought behind the gift is CERTAINLY the most important part of the gift in my opinion.
Due to not receiving the invitation mail myself (husband received it but isn’t always as communicative or sharing as I would like) and due to Husband poorly organizing skills (We talked about it late in the afternoon on Saturday) and  Queens day on Monday (Shops are closed) we did not have a chance  to shop for a gift.
As I wasn’t that keen on robbing a sweet little tree out of someone’s garden I was thankful the garden centre was open on Sunday because we came up with the idea of making a Money Tree,….
This is how we did it.
We folded the money.....Husband will show you how....into flower/butterfly shapes.

We bought an apple tree and taped the flower money on to the stems.

And there you go.......a sweet richly tree....

It turned out lovely! No apples yet but instead money...... Een appeltje voor de dorst.....!
Dutch Proverb: "Een appeltje voor de dorst"
Literal Translation: "A little apple for the thirst."
Meaning: "Something you save for a time when you really need it."
English equivalent: "Save (something) for a rainy day."

Sadie x


  1. I like you're money-tree. Jammer dat er géén echte boompjes zo groeien-xxx-Sil.

  2. Echt hè! Maar het maakt wel een leuk cadeautje :)
    x Sadie x

  3. Oh wat erg, krijg zo,n eervol verzoek van jullie,heb ik de mail weggegooid (stom stom stom) Maar ik wil het wel heel graag.Dus zou ik hem alsjeblieft nog een keer mogen ontvangen?? (ik zal er deze keer goed oppassen en snel beantwoorden,beloofd ;))


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