Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Artsy Wednesday T.1

Sadie’s Interview
Name: Sarah Louise (Sadie)
Age: 29
Occupation: Nursery Teacher
Country: The Netherlands
1. Tell us why, how and when you started crafting?
I have always loved  being creative. But more in the theatrical sense of the word. And as a nursery teacher I always come home with glitter or glue stuck to my fingers and paint in my hair.
But since my 2009 wedding I discovered a love for unusual and creative pretties in life. We had a whole budget, DIY, retro, quirky theme going on and that is how I found the beautiful button bouquets. My vintage button obsession started right there and then. But I wasn’t totally new to the world of vintage as I have always loved anything old and secondhand.  So this was the most perfect match for me. Soon I combined my other love for vintage teacups with my out of control button fetish and now I make vintage button posies in teacups, or small vase posies and even tiny bouquets. Rory has even asked me to make her, her button bouquet for her upcoming wedding. I am so honoured!

2. Why do you love crafting?
I love discovering. I am someone that doesn’t have a lot of patience so the craft isn’t allowed to be that complicated.  But when I figure out the “how to” part I can get really excited. Owning something you have made yourself is incredible rewarding and satisfying. The wonderful feeling you get when you complete something is worth all the efforts. It’s like that feeling a child has when he or she finishes a drawing or a craft. Excited, proud and anxious to show their parents.
And I just love owning something that is unique!
3. What is your favourite type of craft?
Recycle crafts!! I love making something into something else. I love my button creations because the buttons suddenly get a whole different purpose.  I love  making things that have a vintage flair to it, country style and or quirky feel to it. I love making home and handmade products! Creating things that make a one of a kind item!
4. What is the most pretty thing you have made?
I think it is going to be my range of butterfly Darling Posies. Every time I look at the pictures I feel proud and happy. I hope that the person who bought or got these precious button posies feel the same way! 
And our table makeover I did with my husband and Rory. All the credits have to go to him!! I came up with the idea but he spend hours in the shed making this beauty!  I will dedicate a post to this wonderful makeover!  


5. Tell us what makes your crafts special?
Presentation. Nearly nothing is new. But adding your personal touch to it makes it special and unique. Anyone can make button posies but I haven’t seen posies like mine before. I love ribbons, lace and butterflies. I like adding dried flower, croquet flowers and others mini charm dolls. I really like it to include heirlooms or other personal pretties. I even add special buttons if it suits the customer.
But with any craft or makeover I do I try to do it slightly different or I find a way it reflects me as a person. I am really lucky to have a wonderful husband that loves to work with his hands. I come up with the ideas and he creates them.

6. What do you use for inspiration?
- Flea markets and car boot sales are the best places to find unique items!  We love mixing old with new. And that is what I like to represent with the items I make. Using old items and making something new from them.
- Other wonderful blogs in blogland. Some people are SO creative! Sigh.
- And Kirstie Allsopp!
7. Would you like to show us were you do your craft magic?
This is where all the button magic happens.

8. Would you like to share a fun craft tutorial with us?
My super duper easy butterfly wall art. This is so easy....! Really! Do you have a bare wall that you would love to decorate? Well this easy craft will give you just that in 5 easy steps!
Step 1. You need paper. In any colour you like. Do make sure it’s thicker than ordinary paper. I used paper that weighed  a 160 g/m2, colour cream/white.  (But scrap paper, wallpaper, newspaper, book pages will work fine as well. Again, do make sure it’s sturdy enough) 
Step 2. You need a pencil, scissors and sellotape.

Step 3.  Fold your paper and start  drawing were the fold is. Draw a half of what your drawing so when you cut out your figure you get two identical halves that make one.
Draw anything you like. Ladybugs, Dragon flies, Flowers. I did Butterflies.
Make sure not to cut the fold.

Step 4. Add sellotape to the back.
Step 5. Stick to the wall.

The fun part is that they all look totally different. I did not use a stencil. I prefer it this way but I am sure you can find stencils online if you feel unsure to draw yourself. But please, do give it a try! I cannot draw myself but I am REALLY proud of my hand drawn butterflies!
9. What sort of crafting would you still love to try out?
Needle felting!!  I watched Kirstie Allsopp making a Robin with needle felting and it looked like so much fun!

10. Have you got any advice for those who would love to start crafting?
Start small. See if you like it and if you do start buying more things you need or like. It’s a pity to buy everything and discover that you did not stick with it.
Try out different things! You’ll never know what your secret talents may be!
And last but not least.....have fun!

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