Friday, February 10, 2012


We have worked so hard to make our blog the way we want it….and even though it’s not perfect we like it because it’s ours. Don’t you like our doodles?
So now we are really ready to take of into blogworld and we are very excited! On the left hand side you can read about us and the posts that will return on a regullar basis. On the right you can find the labels you need to find a certain post with and best of all you can meet our friends.
Rory and Sadie will post together in our Rory and Sadie’s Teatime section but we will also post our own stories.
And we would LOVE it if you would like to be featured on our blog on Artsy Wednesday.

More information on the left: Rory and Sadie’s Artsy Wednesday.
We both hope you will like to join and visit our teaparty!
Lots of Love,
Rory and Sadie xx

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