Sunday, February 12, 2012

Le Bouton de Moustache

My colleague and I had fun at work. We decided to paint thefaces of the children and they just loved it! We painted butterflies, Mega Mindymasks, cats, dogs and we even joined in! 

I was Monsieur Pierre and children (and parents) just had a hilarious time with us. I love “working” days like this!!
Last Wednesday I was inspired by this picture and decided to make a button moustache. Just to discover that Etsy is filled with moustache lovelies. Apparently it’s a trend that hasn’t yet fully caught on in The Netherlands yet.
But check out this blog totally dedicated to moustaches.
My word, it even goes back to 2009. Who knew?
I guess it goes back even further if you count the times we decorated pictures and photo’s with a moustache doodle.
But this button wall art triggered a plan. I am going to dedicate the wall in my hallway to all the button wall art I make. Starting with Le Bouton de Moustache.
Sadie xxx

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