Monday, March 19, 2012

Home Sweet Home

I love houses that ooze personality and have idiosyncratic charm.  I don’t mean where it slaps you in the face and leaves you gob smacked not knowing where to look. But more those personal touches hidden or in sight. That surprised feeling of discovering something every time you come around. Those little (or big) things that say so much about the people living in that house.
I have a friend that walked past a shop window and bought the entire living room set in one go. It does say so much about her. She is easy going, a no fuss, straightforward kind of girl. We have a saying in Holland:  “Just act normal, then you’re acting crazy enough as it is”!. (“doe maar normal dan doe je al gek genoeg”) And this applies wonderfully to my dear friend.
And even though  this says a lot about her, I do prefer a house where you discover something about someone, you did or did not know. A house that represents the people that live in it. People that let you in a little and allow you to peek in their personality.
I am sure that taste is something personal. And I am glad that we can express this in our own way.
And we also express ourselves in our own way. It took us quite a long time to make this house our own. This being a modern house and I actually don’t like modern living. But we are making it our home. It’s a mix of country, vintage, crafty and modern. With a few hidden treasures throughout the house. I am curious to know if the readers from our blog will be able to tell something about us just by looking at our Home Sweet Home pictures…..
So today a few more corners, walls and hidden treasures in and of our living room.

Our tv corner

We love books. I collect children's books. And I love the FLOW magazine.
You can also see Alana's (our Cat) basket and play/scratching post/tree.

Our Wedding Suitcase

All our lovely keepsakes from our Wedding Day

Sadie xx


Rory and Sadie are sitting in a tree...
R E A D I N G.....All your lovely comments!