Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rory and Sadie's Teatime

We had such a lovely time together. Rory and her baby boy came to visit for a Rory and Sadie’s Teatime. And while mummy Rory was fiddling with paper and Aunty Sadie was cutting sticks from the neighborhood hedges, he was playing on the floor with his toys.
Such a cozy afternoon.
Rory and I were invited to a housewarming. She and her boyfriend celebrated the fact they live together and wished a voucher from a garden center to spice up their garden.
So we decided to make a lovely garden gift.
"The garden gift "

I had a lovely time painting pots with children at work. It gave me an idea for “the garden gift” we wanted to make. First we thought of painting the pots with lovely colors like the children did. But then we thought of blackboard paint. Rory and I bought it for our teapot sign we use for our Rory and Sadie’s Teatime posts.
I am so in love with this paint. I have to control myself that I don’t apply it to everything!
Rory came with the sweet idea to paint hearts. We used masking tapes to create a heart. When the first layer dried we removed the tape and added a second layer more neatly to create a softer shape we wanted.
We bought seeds but made our own seed bags and labels.

For the seed bags we used some lovely (garden) wrapping paper that we folded in little bags. We glued it together. Then we just poured the seeds in our handmade bags and ceiled it with a cute “with love” sticker.

Because the printer ran out of ink we had to make the labels by hand. We just traced some labels from our computer screens and typed the words we needed and copied them on our labels. We then traced the pencil lines with black fine liners. We then added some sticks for decoration.

To stabilize the pots we wrapped some cardboard paper in the same wrapping paper and used some sticky gum to ensure the pots on their place.

For wrapping we used cellophane sheet and finished the gift of with some more branch sticks and off course a crayon so she can write the content of the pots.

A cute and super easy idea to go with a garden voucher.
We even had enough time to enjoy a lunch we enjoyed together with Husband.

Lots of love,
Rory and Sadie x

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