Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Artsy Wednesday T.10

Interview Esmee/Dutch Apple

How cool is this Lady? We love her blog titel, her stories, her photos (we share a love for instagram!) her sewing creations and her postal bags! 

Thank you, Esmee!

Name: Esmee aka Dutch Apple
Age: 34
Occupation: Searching
Country: Netherlands

1.    Tell us why, how and when you started crafting?
About 3 years ago I discovered that I was very handy on a Sewing Machine and from that day on I started sewing things and I also discovered that I liked to be creative in many ways, such as my Blog en creating little treasures.

2. Why do you love crafting?
I love to create something from scratch. To take a piece of fabric and sew a wonderful skirt for myself or my little friend Sanya. Or take an old postal bag and some fabric and make an amazing messenger bag! I just love to make stuff, it gives me very good feeling.

3. What is your favourite type of craft?
That’s a hard one, I must say that I enjoy making things like skirts and bags on my Sewing Machine. I also love to take a piece of clothing and remodel it to a whole other piece of clothing.
I just love fabrics and making things out of them!

4. What is the most pretty thing you have made?
Gosh, if you had asked me what the most ugly thing was I ever made hahaha :-)
I have to say, I do love one of my Apple Bags I made for an old colleague. A beautiful tote bag.

5. Tell us what makes your crafts special?
Ooooh Humble me...
I don’t think that my crafts are that special. But if I really have to give an answer, I think they are special because I made them with a lot of love!

6. What do you use for inspiration?
I love to browse Blogs, it gives me inspiration to create. Not to copy things but simply to give me the urge to go up to my attic and create. I enjoy sitting in my little crafting corner and dream about little projects. My crafty corner inspires me to make things.

7. Would you like to show us were you do your craft magic?
Off course! I started sewing in my living room, I had to tidy things up every time I was done! So I asked my dearest husband to make my own little Crafty corner on the Attic! I have to share it with my washing machine and my hot iron but it’s my own little place ;-)

8. Would you like to share/include a fun craft tutorial with us?
Gosh, I would love to but I’m not really into tutorials. I tried to make them al lot of times but it turned out to be a mess which not even I could understand. 

9. What sort of crafting would you still love to try out?
I would love to learn how to knit! I can sew, I can crochet but I never learned how to knit!

10. Have you got any advice for those who would love to start crafting?
Just do it! Everybody can craft, everybody can create! Just do your thing! Follow your heart!
Do not think that your creations are not worthwhile! They are!

We also appreciate creative body art! And Esmee shares her ear stretching with her readers.
So check it out!


  1. Jihaaaaaa! Super dames! Superrrrr... De foto's ook precies op de juiste plekken gezet, maakt het interview helemaal af! Complimenten!
    Een eer dat ik dit mocht doen voor jullie, ik zal er morgen een blog over schrijven op mijn eigen blogje :-)

    Lieve groetjes!

  2. Wat fijn!!! Bedankt voor de complimenten! We kijken uit naar je blog van morgen! En nogmaals bedankt voor het mee doen!!! The pleasure was all ours!

    Lieve groetjes!

  3. Zo gaaf om elke week iemand in het zonnetje te zetten-leuk om te lezen-wat iemand beweegt om creatief te zijn of te worden-top gedaan. Mooie dag-xxx-Sil

    1. Dat vinden wij ook Sil! Wij kijken uit naar die van jou!
      Liefs! x

  4. tof esmee ! en ik ben jaloers op je hobbykamer !!!

    1. Ik ook! Zo opgeruimd ziet hij er nu echt niet uit hihihi....

  5. Hardstikke leuk!!! Ja hij is heerlijk groot bij mij is het ook altijd een grote ontploffing!!!

  6. Wat een heerlijke werkplek!
    en je tassen zijn zo tof!

    zie je op je blog en op instagram ;-)


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