Thursday, April 19, 2012

Part one: Texel, Babyshower and Friends

I had the most wonderful weekend with my dear friends, Ilse and Berbara.

We met in Denmark in 2005! We all lived there for different reasons but found each other and became really good friends. The group is complete with Gerda. She still lives and studies in Denmark. And I personally miss her very much. Especially when I watch the silly videos we made.....

But Ilse, Berbara and I try to see each other as often as possible. We don't live in the same city anymore. In Copenhagen we met several times a week! We were each other’s friends, family, trusties. We had each other.....and that I still miss every day.

But how joyous to see each other after a few months. Ilse works at ecomare on the Island of Texel. And Berbara and I planned a visit to see Ilse and the island.

Berbara is pregnant and Ilse and I wanted to do something special for her. As Berbara is due in a month’s time she decided not to have a sleep over. Very wise because the Island doesn’t have a hospital. This made it even easier for us to plan a surprise teeny-weeny baby shower for her!

So it was a weekend where Berbara and I visited Ilse. A baby shower weekend for Berbara and a teensy holiday for me!

I have so many pictures to show so I will post it in three parts.

Part one: Texel

I packed my bags and loaded them in the car on Friday morning. I had to work but as soon as I waved the children goodbye I set off to Den Helder with Husband. He brought me to the boat because I went on a little adventure to Texel!

The boat ride only takes 20 minutes but it’s so much fun!

When I arrived on the Island I was picked up by Ilse and her neighbor who was so kind to pick me up with the car! I was so glad because my bags were so heavy!

When we arrived at Ilse’s crib I got an good old tour of the house.

Ilse lives in a old pig stable named: Biggenstein

The views around her house are amazing! Beautiful farm land! Stretched out as far as the eye can see. Immensely pretty! 

We talked over a lovely rice dinner and toasted on a lovely weekend together! After dinner we cleared the table to make room for the Diaper Cake we were going to make for Berbara as the Baby Shower gift....

To be continued!

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