Friday, April 20, 2012

Part two: Texel, Babyshower and Friends

Diaper Cake ingredients:
  • two baking trays
  • diapers ( we had 32 but we had a shortage!)
  • ribbon
  • elastic bands
  • small presents
  • a plate
First we started arranging our diapers into two baking trays. The top one slightly smaller than the bottom one to create the cake look.

We started of wrong as we just added the diapers without having a clear idea how to arrange the diapers. As you can see on the picture above it looked untidy!

In the end we decided that the closed ends should be visible and the open ends of the diapers tucked in by the other diapers for a cleaner look. Like so:

When you are finished arranging your diapers your left with a hole in the middle. You can either stuff this hole with a rolled up diaper or a gift. We added a bottle of wine.

Then we realiszd we had a problem. Because we had enough diapers to make two layers but the bottle was too long to be able to cover up with our two layers. Stuck on a Island without a car makes it a bit hard to drive to a supermarket so we had to improvise! We started of covering the bottle with a rolled diaper.

 Then we secured to two layers with two elastic bands.

We used ribbon to conseal the elastic bands.

Then we added the second layer and by pulling the second layer up we solved our diaper shortage problem. It wasn't the most pretty solution but the only one we had!

Now for the fun part! Lift the cake onto a plate and add your gifts!

Sure! It isn't the most pretty and tidy Diaper Cake....BUT we were and are  proud of our first Diaper Cake!
Especially because we did not have enough.

At this point Ilse and I decided to carry on making and decorating the house for Berbara's arrival the next day so we did not have to rush the next morning,

We made some cute onesies!

And decorated the house with flags, a banner and cute baby boy clothes.

At 1am it was time to sleep. We hoped Berbara would love this surprise Baby Shower party tomorrow morning!

To be continued!

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