Saturday, April 21, 2012

Part three: Texel, Babyshower and Friends

I woke up after a wonderfully lovely night’s sleep with the sunshine in my face! It was heavenly!

But we had to get up because we still had some finishing touches we had to work on and we had to make a Baby Shower lunch!

We made cupcakes and decorated them with white and blue mousses. (that’s what they are called in Holland.) (white and blue sprinkles made of aniseed) We hang our onesies in between the flags and laid the table.

At 12 o'clock Berbara arrived with the bus from the boat. Ilse picked her up while I baked the buns in the oven en cooked the eggs.

When I saw them coming I went outside to welcome Berbara.

As she walked inside I pointed out the decorated room and table because at first she did not notice as she was talking along. SURPRISE!
She was so surprised and loved our party! We had a lovely lunch as we sat and enjoyed the lovely buns, cupcakes and other lovely treats.

Check out Ilse's Mondriaan behind Berbara!


Afterwards we discovered the Island a little. We caught the bus into town and had a lot of fun on our way. 

Ok. A guilty pleasure of mine are tractors. As a child I was fiercely afraid of them because of a playground trauma involving a tractor. But now I love them. The colours, the shape. I really don't know why exactly....

And being half Welsh I admit I love sheep. In a very normal way, I might add!

I love these two ladies! Waiting for the bus.... (can you see the MOUNTAIN behind us, haha?) (sorry a joke, the girls will get)

Ilse reckoned these pictures of us three looked as rockband pictures. Haha....hmmm....The Sweeties, IslandGirls, Travellers, The Dutchies, The Hollies (Holland), .... uhm yeah I suck at this.

Ilse taught us the way to stop the not like this....

Like this.....

Yeah, it worked the bus is coming!

YEAHH!! Rockband GIRLpower!

Uhm, Ber the bus is coming! Get of the road!

On our way back, I caught some lovely pictures of Biggenstein, the Sky and my two friends....

And far too soon Berbara and I had to say goodbye to our dear friend Ilse......

Thank you again, Ilse. I had a blast!

And thank you Berbara......Hope you loved your Suprise Baby Shower!

And as we were on I way back on the boot I captured some lovely pictures of the Island.

What a GREAT weekend!

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