Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Artsy Wednesday T.9

Interview Me

We are so in love with the earrings and other jewellery this lady makes! So do also please check out her Etsy store! Swoon!!
But yet again this isn't her only speciality. This lady is so ceative it knocks your socks off!

Thank you, Me!!!

Name: ‘Me’
Age: 44
Occupation: jewellery making, photographing, drawing, knitting, crocheting, cooking, sewing, gardening, blogging ….
Country: Belgium

1. Tell us why, how and when you started crafting?
I started crafting when I was a little child. I learnt how to crochet when I was 6 en ever since then I like making ‘ things ‘.  As a child I made a lot of clothes for my dolls and Barbie dolls, crocheted a lot of small bags for everyone around me, stitched a lot of small doilies for my grandma, I made bracelets, I also liked spinning wool, ….  Later I pimped my clothes, knitted sweaters, sew dresses and started to make my own jewellery…
Actually it started with my parents. Especially my mother. She was very creative too and taught me a lot.

2. Why do you love crafting?
Because it gives me a good feeling that I have an object, made by myself. It gives me a proud feeling: I did it myself !
It is also relaxing ( uhm… if everything goes as planned…  It can be very frustrating too sometimes ;) ) and fun doing.

3. What is your favourite type of craft?
I really don’t have a favourite!

4. What is the most pretty thing you have made?
Oh… That’s difficult…   my yellow cowl I guess…

5. Tell us what makes your crafts special?
The fact that I made them ;-).
Seriously : I don’t know if they are that special.
But they are made with pleasure, and that’s what it is all about for me…

6. What do you use for inspiration?
I get inspired on the internet, but also just around me in my every-day-life.
And the more I make, the more inspiration I get… My head is constantly filled with ideas, it never stops!

7. Would you like to show us were you do your craft magic?
Mostly just on my dining table or in my sofa. In summertime in my small garden.

8. Would you like to share/include a fun craft tutorial with us?
I have some tutorials on my blog.

9. What sort of crafting would you still love to try out?
So much !
Silver clay, painting on porcelain, maybe if I had the room and the tools for it even making some little furniture and home decoration, making my own glass beads…

10. Have you got any advice for those who would love to start crafting?
Just do it for fun!
Don’t compare yourself with others : what you make is ok!
Start with simple things, than you don’t get frustrated.
Don’t be a perfectionist, like what you make!


  1. Zo leuk om te lezen-ME-maakt prachtige dingen en is ook maatschappelijk goed bezig-daar hou ik van-xxx-Sil.


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