Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Brunch

Back when I was young we always had an Easter brunch. Sitting down at the breakfast table together, the table all set with eggs, croissants and other delicious treats. So this year I decided I wanted to have an Easter brunch. Extra special is the fact that this is to be Marijn’s  first Easter!
So I started plotting and planning. The table had to be perfectly decorated and the food delicious. I decided to make some cupcakes with white-chocolate cream, eggs in puff pastry, scones and trifle. Other than that I had various rolls, croissants, pate and smoked salmon.
To help me out with the preparations, my friend Wouter helped me make some decorative Easter baskets and name cards. Below a short tutorial how to make these little baskets.
A fun craft for children!

(Easter) baskets

1.  Take a squire piece of paper and fold it so that you will get 16 little squires.

2. Cut the corner squires in on one side (see picture)

3. Fold the sides up and use some glue or tape to stick them together. Now you have the base of the basket.

4. Use a long thin piece of paper to make the handle of the basket.

5. Decorate the basket (I like to use stickers!! You are never too old to play with stickers!!)

6. Fill the basket. In the case of my Easter basket I used chocolate Easter eggs and a ‘Giant Easter Bunny’ (or so the label said XD).

The name cards were placed on the plates and this is the result of my Easter brunch table!!

Hungry yet?!



P.S. Apparently bread baskets are not only for bread! At least not according to my cat Katie.

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